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The Youth Movement of the Antiochian Orthodox Christian Archdiocese of North America --- Living the Orthodox Faith in Christ through Worship, Witness, Service and Fellowship

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Purity, Virginity and Chastity
SOYO members struggle daily to try to live a life of purity in relation to Jesus Christ.  Though life may present many struggles and even failures to each of us, teens look to live a life rooted in Christ.  Even when one fails to emulate the life of Christ and the Virgin May, teens struggle daily to stay on or get back on the path of Salvation through Jesus Christ.

The following document is offered as a source of help to teens and adults in this daily struggle.
Purity, Virginity and Chastity Packet

Teens are asked each January to set time aside to discuss the struggle and stratergies of making good choices and or if needed getting back on the right path.